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The Amelia Project

Recently, I have been exploring podcasts that are different from my usual genre of true crime/NPR types. My regular way of hunting for new stuff is Twitter and Reddit. I came across a recommendation for The Amelia Project and from episode 1, I was hooked.

This podcast is a fiction audio drama which follows the story of an organisation called The Amelia Project that specializes in faking people's deaths, letting them disappear and resurface elsewhere with new personas.

My initial expectation after listening to Episode 1: Elizabeth Barlow was that it would be an elaborate series of episodes explaining how they executed the disappearance plan, but I was pleasantly surprised as Episode 2: Zale Indigo Ravenheart begun (which was a whole new case).

Turns out every episode is an interview of a new potential client, which includes their unique backstory, manner of chosen death, and their plans to resurface. The dark humor in these conversations and the peculiarity of the interviewer is very engaging.

An interesting addition to the narrative is cocoa (yes, the drink, aka hot chocolate). The interviewer is really passionate about a brand of cocoa and mentions it all the time. I think it really adds a depth to the character. It is a compelling part of the show's brand.

Best features-

  • The insanely creative stories. Every episode one-ups the previous one.

  • The music. If there is one reason you start listening to this, let it be the intro music and sound design.

  • The overall production value. Audio dramas are, of course, more particular about their production value than non-fiction (conversational or narration style), but The Amelia Project really scores 10/10 on that. I specially love the various versions of their intro music.

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