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You're Wrong About

As an early follower of this show, I have seen it explode in popularity over the past few years. This is the next best thing in indie podcasts (you heard it here first!). Its gripping topics and casual conversational tone have gotten me through many late evenings of work.

The premise of the show is that the hosts (Sarah Marshall and Michael Hobbes) take up well-known phenomenons of the past (a lot of 90's stuff), research and reanalyze it in a contemporary light, and present it in a cheerful manner with spot-on statistics and irrefutable evidence. The genre is a mix of history, true crime and myth-busting.

The concept of debunking in podcasts is hardly unique (think Professor Buzzkill History Podcast, Slow Burn, and You must remember this), but what sets this one apart for me is the comforting millennial humour and the narration style. They have opted for a format where one host has only the basic knowledge of the topic and the other one does the research and debunking. It does not feel instructive. It's like overhearing two best friends gossip about familiar events and people.

The topics lean heavily on American culture and stories, but there are some notable exceptions (A dingo's got my baby, Yoko Ono broke up the Beatles, and Stockholm Syndrome). The range of topics is very broad, as they talk about the maligned women of the '90s (Anna Nicole Smith, Anita Hill), social issues (Homelessness, The Obesity Epidemic), and historical events (The Challenger Disaster). Their O.J. Simpson and D.C. Sniper series are really engrossing and eye-opening.

A few other interesting things about the show are that it includes no ads, no suggestive background music, and no donation drives (they just casually mention their merchandise and PayPal). The research is quite thorough as both of them are professional reporters and writers. Recently, they have also been delving into book reviews (Michelle Remembers) and I love that the genre is flexible and they are open to trying new formats.

I eagerly wait for new episodes of You're Wrong About in my feed. If you are a fellow listener, let me know your favourite episode.

Best Features-

  • Breadth of topics

  • Depth of research

  • Hilarious hosts that have good interpersonal chemistry

  • Good material for your "well, actually" conversations


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