Journal Articles



Ph.D. Thesis: Covalent probes for functional and structural characterization of glycoside hydrolases
Jun 1, 2020,  University of British Columbia


Synergy between Cell Surface Glycosidases and Glycan-Binding Proteins Dictates the Utilization of Specific Beta(1,3)-Glucans by Human Gut Bacteroides

Apr 1, 2020, mBio

M.Sc. Thesis: Synthesis Of Carbohydrate Functionalized Dendrons For Use As Multivalent Scaffold And In Self-Assembled Structures
Sep 16, 2014,  Western University

Molecular Mechanism by which Prominent Human Gut Bacteroidetes Utilize Mixed-Linkage Beta-Glucans, Major Health-Promoting Cereal Polysaccharides

Oct 10, 2017, Cell Reports

Synthesis, self-assembly, and immunological activity of α-galactose-functionalized dendron–lipid amphiphiles

Sep 28, 2016, Nanoscale


Synthetic glycopolypeptides: synthesis and self-assembly of poly(γ-benzyl-L-glutamate)-glycosylated dendron hybrids

Sep 22, 2015  Polymer Chemistry

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