Research & Teaching

Supervisor- Prof. Harry Brumer 
(Jan 2015- May 2020)
Michael Smith Laboratories
& Department of Chemistry
UBC, Vancouver, Canada ​
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Covalent Probes for Functional and Structural Characterization of Glycoside Hydrolases
  • Conducted research that is directly applicable in understanding bioethanol production & the digestion of carbohydrates by gut bacteria. My research specializations include chemical biology, enzymology, and protein production & analysis.
  • Key skills: Data analysis, project management, technical writing, public speaking, and graphic design (Adobe Suite). 
  • Impact: Production of several peer-reviewed journal articles, original thesis, and conference presentations.
Supervisor- Prof. Elizabeth Gillies
(Sep 2012- Aug 2014)
Department of Chemistry
Western University, London, Canada ​
Synthesis of Carbohydrate-functionalized Dendrons for Use as Multivalent Scaffolds and in Self-assembled Structures
  • Optimized new pathways to synthesize carbohydrate-derivatives and polyester-dendrons, as well as their coupling to polymer backbones. My research specializations include organic and analytical chemistry.
  • Key skills: Technical writing, mentoring students, designing new methodologies, and literature review.
  • Impact: Production of several peer-reviewed journal articles as well as an original thesis.
Laboratory Teaching Assistant
(Sep 2012- Apr 2017)
Department of Chemistry
 UBC & Western University
  • My teaching roles included supervising upper-year undergraduate students in conducting organic chemistry experiments. Through one-on-one interaction with each student in a lab setting, I catered to their unique learning styles.
  • Key skills: Interpersonal navigation, conflict resolution, public speaking, and a thorough understanding of lab operations.
  • Impact: Creation of a safe and comfortable learning atmosphere with no reported incidences of injury or mishap. Through excellent post-course evaluation, I learnt that some students switched their major to chemistry due to my direct mentorship.

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